Digital Storytelling

This is the latest Community Tributaries project, starting in the second part of 2018.

Everyone is welcome to submit a digital story. It can be in voice only, voice with pictures, voice with video or voice with text, eg a poem. Actually it does not have to use voice at all. You can use music or even tell a silent story in pictures only. You decide how you want to tell your story digitally.

You can also decide the type of story you want to tell, e.g. if you, your parents or grandparents came from another country, you might want to tell a story of how and why you or they came there. Or maybe you want to tell a story from that country. Or tell others about a particular tradition.

In addition to making your stories available on our website, we will screen them during the 2019 Multicultural Week.

Please contact Helena 0n 0404 857 806 for further information or send an email to