Community Arts and Dancing

Through a 2017 grant from the City of Wyndham in Melbourne’s West, Community  Tributaries has provided opportunities for many residents in Wyndham to promote their art and craft talents, including macramé, jewellery, candle making and African dancing.


Mutuashi Dance

CT Founding member Florence Shinanduku started an enterprise through which she promotes traditional dancing from her home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. The dance is called Mutuashi, the Dance of Freedom.

Florence Shinanduku performing Congolese Mutuashi Dance

And here is Florence singing her song Strong Woman.

Florence is available to perform at festivals, functions, parties and age care facilities. She also runs classes for adults, youth and children at community centres. contact details for Florence are:


Mobile: 0470 225 497

Facebook page:

Florence has also started the

Wyndham Women Magazine

launched in June 2020.