Community Tributaries Condemns Christchurch Mosque Attacks

Members and supporters of Community Tributaries were devastated, outraged and sickened by the despicable, cowardly and deadly terrorist attacks on the Al Noor and Linwood Mosques in Christchurch. We join the Muslim community in feelings of grief and sadness and extend our deep and heartfelt condolences to the many families whose lives have been forever altered by the tragic attacks. In expressing our concern over the horrendous actions, we send a message of hope and solidarity to the Muslim Community in Australia and New Zealand. Our thoughts are with those injured and to the families of those whose lives have been callously cut short.

Condemning the brutality and violence of this senseless act of terror, we feel united with you in our opposition to the extremist views that vilify community groups based on their religion or ethnicity and will continue our work to promote a culture of inclusion, tolerance and acceptance.

In doing so, we recommit to confronting religious and ethnic intolerance whenever we see it, fighting the hateful politics some of our leaders have promoted and working towards creating the community we want to live in, a community where there is freedom, justice and hope, so such a tragedy will never happen again.

We stand together with the Muslim community at this difficult time, when it is increasingly important to strengthen our common humanity and bonds of friendship between different groups, regardless of faith or ethnicity.

 Clovis Mwamba (President)        Helena Grunfeld (Secretary)       Ed Blake (Treasurer)

Ph: 0404 857 806

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