Statement re African-Australian youth

Community Tributaries issued the following statement re African-Australian youth earlier this week.

Working for social inclusion, Community Tributaries, a not for profit organisation run by volunteers, is concerned over the recent intervention by federal and state politicians concerning African youth in Victoria.

Public statements referring to African or South Sudanese gangs are unhelpful to addressing any issues that might exist in these or other communities. Such megaphone statements do not solve anything – they just create fear and division which has social and economic consequences for all Australians and negatively impact on Australia’s international reputation as a peaceful safe nation.

When or where a specific problem emerges in any community, Community Tributaries is of the view that this should be proactively addressed through positive cooperation between local, state and federal authorities charged with law enforcement and integration of different communities.

This should be done in consultation with the communities themselves and the many community groups that work together to address problems in their communities.

Clovis Mwamba, President           Helena Grunfeld, Secretary                       Ed Blake, Treasurer

For enquiries, please contact Helena on 0404 857 806 or


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